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What’s the minimum number of shirts I have to order?

Just one! We are one of the few screen printing shops who have do not have a minimum order policy.  We’ll print as many or as few shirts as your adorable little heart desires.

How many colors can my shirt design have?

We can print up to six colors on either (or both) sides of a shirt. However, this does not necessarily mean your shirt can only have six colors in the design. We can achieve some pretty colorful and awesome prints though CMYK or Simulated Process Printing. Check out our “Screen Printing” page for more info on that.

How much for some custom shirts?

In order to ensure that every customer has a stellar experience with us, we do not publicly post our prices. We do provide free estimates over the phone or via email so feel free to call us or fill out a contact form here on our website.  

When will my order be ready?

After we have your order placed, we will let you know what day your shirts will be ready. We’ll give you a call on that day to let you know you can come pick them up!

What kind of shirts can I get/can my design go on?

Just about any type of garment is printable. We have an insanely large selection of apparel for you to choose from. Check out our design studio or click here to view some our available apparel.

What other fees do I have to pay to get shirts made?

None. Zip. Nada. Unlike a lot of other screen printers out there, we do not charge any art fees or set up fees. You pay just for your shirts and that’s it.

We know, it’s pretty cool.

Can I bring in my own apparel? 

Yes! We are one of the only screen printers in Texas that allow you to bring in whatever garment you want and we will print on it (if it is printable). A friendly disclaimer though, we are not responsible for any items brought in to be printed on. 

I have some art I want on a shirt. What file should I send you?

Any vector file (.ai, .eps, or .svg) is going to produce the best quality shirt. If you do not have a vector file, then a high-quality JPEG or PNG will work fine. Just remember, if you can see pixels or if your image is blurry, then chances are the shirt will reflect that. Garbage in, garbage out!

Do you do Direct to Garment (DTG) printing?

No way, José. In order to do our part in fighting against the inevitable robot A.I. uprising, we do not allow computers to print our shirts for us. Viva La Résistance!

How does your fundraising work?

Check out our fundraising page here on our website. If you still have questions or are ready to proceed with your own online store to sell some awesome apparel, give us a call or swing by!

I found this cool design. Can I put it on a shirt?

A good rule of thumb is that if the artwork is not something you made from scratch, you probably are dealing with copyrighted materials. For example, if we design an incredible shirt for you and you take that design somewhere else without our written permission, you are violating copyright laws and so is the person printing the shirts.

We don’t like getting sued and neither should you! If you don’t have permission to use someone’s design, get the permission and we will print the shirts. Integrity is cool and hip.


Did Han shoot first?

Greedo had it coming. But we don’t discuss this.